Wow, what can I say about this day? Olivia and I first met way back in high school, when I went to prom with the same group as her. We have followed each other ever since, so when she got engaged she reached out and I immediately squelled (yes, out loud at dinner) when I saw her email pop up on my phone.

Olivia and Jake's families have been friends and go way back. Around the holidays, Olivia's family would travel to New Brunswick, Canada from Concord, NC to visit. Olivia and her brother would often hang back, thinking it was mostly adults. One year, Olivia went and that is when she met Jake. After that trip, Olivia thought about Jake often and decided to go stay with family one summer in hopes of seeing him more. Well, it worked and here they are now, married!

I had never been to Canada before, and was so excited to go for this day. We flew into Maine and drove the three hours into New Brunswick. I am not kidding when I say that I immediately fell in love with the little town, St. Andrews, where we stayed. Our airbnb was walking distance to the main street that was on the water, so we spent a lot of time walking around exploring all of the local shops, eating the BEST seafood, and going whale watching on a massive sailboat.

The second day there, we headed out to document Olivia and Jake's wedding. Their families were so nice and welcoming all day and it was truly a day filled with so much love and joy. After the ceremony, we took off down to the beach to have some private moments with the new bride and groom. I will always cherish the experiences and connections this wedding brought to us.