Hi, I'm Cheyenne.

I am a proud Appalachian State Alumni who left Boone after 5 years and set up camp in Salisbury, NC. I love spending time in the backyard with our dogs, cruising around High Rock Lake for sunset, exploring new places and quirky little towns, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

I began my journey into photography back in highschool (circa 2012) and officially began my business in college. I love to uniquely tell each couples story and wedding day through an honest and natural approach. I truly love serving my clients and am beyond thankful for this business that I have been blessed with.

More About Me

“I'm a dog momma to two sweet lil fluffs, Finn and Olive. These two keep me laughing, on my toes, and are the best snugglers. My dogs truly are a huge part of my life and if ya know me then you will definitely hear about them often.”

“I REALLY love thrifting. 95% of my house is either thrifted or gifted. I have a big passion for showing people how stylish and modern thrifted decor can be! I have a passion for interior design and am constantly changing up my house to keep it fresh and stay inspired.”

“I have a travel bug and love to explore as many new places as possible. I love to check out all of the local shops and markets, eat some amazing food, and frolick in beautiful new scenery.”